RAW VIDEO: Leon High Players Won't Be Criminally Charged

By: Jill Chandler, Julie Montanaro Email
By: Jill Chandler, Julie Montanaro Email

Update 9/29/11 5:00pm--

Scroll down to see raw footage of the fight

Leon High School football players will not be facing any criminal charges for a post game fight last week.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office closed the case at five this afternoon and will be releasing copies of the videotape later tonight. We will share that video with you as soon as we can.

The Principal of Leon High School says he is not going to hand down additional punishments to the players involved in a post game fight on Friday night.

Principal Rocky Hanna says the students are already being punished from football and he's not going to suspend them from school.

The FHSAA, suspended ten players from both Leon and Middleburg because of the fight. All 20 players received different levels of suspension depending on their involvement.

Hanna said, "The kids have been punished. The players have been punished. Some of them, it's their senior year, and it's now over. But it send a valuable lesson, We have zero tolerance for violence."

The FHSAA is not releasing any names of the players who are involved due to player privacy.

Hanna says from now on they are going to let the team have time to cool down before they go back on the field to shake hands to avoid another situation like this.

** Note ** New Incident Report Documents Releases; attached above.

Check out the embed below to see footage of the brawl.


UPDATE 9-28-2011

According to Leon High School Principal Rocky Hanna: three Leon students have been suspended for one game, four students have been suspended for six weeks and three students have been suspended for the entire year.

Hanna is not releasing the players' names.

10 Middleburg HS football players have been suspended for their roles in Friday night’s brawl at the end of the game with Leon. 2 players were suspended for a year, 5 players got 6-week suspensions, and 3 got a 1-game suspension. The school will not appeal the suspensions handed down by FHSAA.


UPDATED 9.27.11 10:46pm by Jill Chandler

Leon County School Administration says five to six players from both teams are expected to be suspended for the fight.

We will continue to update the story as it progresses. FHSAA is still gathering information about the fight.

FHSAA received the video of the fight Tuesday.


UPDATED 9.27.2011 6:55pm by Julie Montanaro

Florida High School Athletic Association Spokesman Corey Sobers says FHSAA is still gathering information about the fight after the Leon-Middleburg game on Friday.

Sobers says FHSAA was reviewing the tape today and schools have three days to submit information and materials. He says FHSAA could have a decision as early as Friday, but Sobers says there is no firm timetable for that.

Sobers says schools can be fined for unsportsmanlike conduct and there are four levels of sanctions for players and coaches: a one week suspension, a six week suspension, a year's suspension and a career-ending suspension.

Sobers says FHSAA has not yet reviewed all the materials in the Leon-Middleburg fight and has not yet made any determinations about what sanctions are appropriate in this case.

UPDATED 9.27.2011 5:50pm by Julie Montanaro

The Leon County Sheriff's Office has just released a copy of the incident report.

It lists the victim as Middleburg High School Coach Daniel Pearce and describes his head injury as a "severe laceration."

The report classifies the incident as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, which is a third degree felony.

All of the witness accounts on the first page are blacked out and the other two pages are not being released.

LCSO has denied our public records request for a copy of the video tape.

UPDATED 9.27.2011 3:30pm by Julie Montanaro

The principal of Leon High School says he was hurt and disappointed by the fight after the Leon-Middleburg game.

Rocky Hanna says he reviewed the tape last night, has forwarded a copy to Middleburg High School and to the Florida High School Athletics Association.

Hanna says FHSAA will be "judge and jury on this one." He says the school will abide by its decisions regarding any player and or team sanctions.

We are trying to reach an FHSAA spokesman to get more information on the potential penalties and a timeline for making a decision about them.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office is still reviewing the tape. We have filed a public records request to try to get a copy of it.
Tallahassee, FL 9-26-11 --

A fight broke out at a local high school football game on Friday night at Leon, and now deputies are investigating.

A criminal investigation is underway after a fight between Leon High School and Middleburg this past Friday.

The Middleburg High School Touchdown Club issued a statement over Facebook saying " no one has seen the video yet, and therefore no determinations have been made. Although we all know that they were the aggressors, we will still have to wait to see what is shown on the video."

Both football teams were back at practice Monday.

Leon County Sheriff's Office spokesperson, James McQuaig said, "We have now forwarded copies of this video to them, so that they can now conduct an administrative review. The purpose of that review would be to decide on athletic eligibility."

That review will also determine disciplinary actions taken against those who are involved.

LCSO says they hope to have the investigation wrapped up as soon as possible.

We do not have video of the actual fight, but according to the Middleburg Facebook page, one of their coaches had to get staples in his head.

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