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GTI Open Enrollment Fall 2014

AM 8:30 -11:00 and PM 1:00 - 4:30

AM 8:30 -11:00 and PM 1:00 - 4:30
Registration for all Career Tech and Adult Education Classes. Applications available online under "Forms" www.gti.gcps.k12.fl.us
Tatia (Tasha) Flowers 850-875-8324 ext. 5104 flowerst@gcpsmail.com Natalie DuPont 850-875-8324 ext. 5103 dupontn@gcpsmail.com

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LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts Teen Foundations Summer Art Camp

8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

LeMoyne Education Building, 417 E. Call Street, Tallahassee, FL

This summer, immerse yourself in art! LeMoyne’s Teen Foundations program is a great environment for teens to discover their personal style. For years, serious teenage art students have used this program to prepare for art school or college art programs. Students will have the opportunity to take classes in Design & Mixed Media, Stained Glass, Pottery & Sculpture, and Drawing & Painting.

Teen Foundations is comprised of two four-week sessions. Courses may be taken individually, in combination or by full session. Each course meets Monday - Friday. Classes are small, never more than
10 students to 1 instructor. Register early to reserve your space!
Jennifer Infinger, (850)222-7622, education@lemoyne.org

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LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts Kid's Summer Art Camp

7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts Education Building, 417 E Call Street, 32301, Tallahassee, FL
Join us on the ANIMATION
ADVENTURE of a lifetime!
This year at LeMoyne Summer Art Camp we will explore what it takes to animate life. Each of the 6 sessions we will focus on a particular style of animation as we discover how our beloved characters are brought to life. We will see what it takes to be SUPER HUMAN (6/2-6/6); find our own fairy-tale ending through STORYBOOK WONDER (6/9-9/20); discover what it takes to go FROM ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY (6/23-7/3); uncover the myths buried within FOLKLORE & FANTASY (7/7-7/18); bravely face what it takes to find HEROIC ACTION (7/21-8/1); and create our own REALMS OF ILLUSTRATION (8/4-8/15).
Jennifer Infinger, 850-222-7622, education@lemoyne.org

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Apalachee Summer Camp 2014

Monday-Friday 7am-6pm

650 Trojan Trail, Tallahassee, Fl 32311
Our Summer Camp welcomes your child to come learn and have fun with our class we offer. Register now!!! Our fee includes breakfast, lunch, and snack. Also two field trips a week!!! For more information go to our school website http://www.apalachee.leon.k12.fl.us/summer_program.html
Candyace Harden (850)488-7110/488-4329

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Splash and Jam

8 - 11 p.m

Jack McLean Community Center, 700 Paul Russell Rd. Tallahassee, FL 32301
This summer, Splash & Jam events will take place from 8-11 p.m. every Friday (except July 4), beginning on June 6 and ending on August 15. Splash & Jam events are free and open to youth of all ages. They feature a variety of supervised, safe and fun activities.
Heather Teter, City of Tallahassee, 850.891.8871

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Summer Kids Day

each date from 9-2 p.m

Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross (1115 Easterwood Drive Tallahassee, FL 32311)
Summer Kids Day is a fun interactive day camp experience hosted at the Capital Area Red Cross!

Programs are free of cost and are offered to children ages 5-12.

Curriculum and Activities:
Fire Safety and Fire Truck Visit
Weather Disasters
Emergency Response
Water Safety
CPR & First Aid
International Affairs
Red Cross History and Chapter Tour

Red Cross Volunteers and Interns alike will lead your child through courses and activities designed to promote Red Cross readiness and education.

Please join us for one or more of these dates!
Friday, June 20, 9-2 p.m.
Friday, June 27, 9-2 p.m.
Friday, July 11, 9-2 p.m.
Friday, July 18, 9-2 p.m.

To register please contact Erin Giblin at erin.giblin@redcross.org or call us at (850) 878-6080
Erin Giblin | 850-878-6080

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Hot Wax & Hot Glass

Regular hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10 AM - 5 PM

Gadsden Arts Center; 13 N. Madison; Quincy, FL 32351
terial and process to influence the color and form in their work. Newmann, working with encaustic (hot wax) and oil paint, applies the paint and wax to a surface while hot, and as it congeals, she scrapes away colors, engraves words or pictographs, resulting in a rich luminous surface. Gott casts molkten glass directly from a furnace burning at 2300 degrees F, and incorporates images, symbols, inclusions and color, inspired by mythological imgery and symbolism.
Grace Robinson, Director

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Summer Music and Arts Camp is Here!

6/2/14 - 8/8/14

Are you ready for the best summer camp in Tallahassee? We have it all! 9 themed weeks packed with fun, field trips, crafts, arts and recreation, dance, songs and character building lessons. We feature music lessons, including guitar, keyboards, and brass instruments. Fun for all children ages 6 – 12. Register today at The Salvation Army Community Center, located at 2410 Allen Road, or visit our website at www.uss.salvationarmy.org/uss/www_uss_tallahassee.nsf
Julie Smith - The Salvation Army
(850) 222-0304

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MoLab's Summer Camp Spark - Igniting Knowledge!

June 2, 2014 - August 15, 2014 (Monday-Friday)

Camp Spark will be held at SAIL High School 2006 Jackson Bluff Rd; Tallahassee, FL 32304
MoLab’s Camp Spark – Igniting Knowledge! makes learning fun and links Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts to the real-world. The program offers students 4 years old through the 8th grade the opportunity to participate in art and science activities in a fun, interactive, and safe environment. A variety of weekly themes which include; Digital Photography, iMovie Making, Art, Lego Robots, Video Game Creating, Dinosaurs, Magic, Spy Science, Space, Videogame Creation and much more. Camp Spark makes learning fun and links Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts to the real-world.

Weekly fee is $170 for full day sessions (includes lunch & 2 snacks). Some camps have a supply fee.

Extended camp care is available. Pre-camp care starts at 7:45am $5/day or $20/week, Post-camp care $5/day or $20/week until 6pm.
Visit www.tallymolab.org or contact Aimee Hills at aimee@tallymolab.org or 850-591-6362.

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Choosing to Participate

August 28, 2013- August 10, 2014

The Florida Historic Capitol Museum
The Florida Historic Capitol Museum welcomes a new temporary exhibition to be on display August 27th, 2013 through August 10th, 2014. The exhibit, Choosing To Participate, highlights stories of community activists whose local impact has lead to larger national awareness about the importance of equality in civic communities.
Choosing To Participate was developed through the partnership of Facing History and Ourselves and the Smithsonian Institute Travel Exhibition Service. The exhibit features 11 posters that explore the impact civic engagement and illustrate the power individuals can have in enacting wider social change through four key points of individual action: Choose Dialogue, Choose Respect, Choose Engagement, and Choose to Participate.
The exhibit will also feature several other civic organizations in the State of Florida that focus on civic education and providing students with opportunities to be active participants in the civic communities of Florida.
Emily Fee

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