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Fundraiser for Chelsea Marie Lovelady

Event Dates and Times

8/17/2013 - Starts: 4:00 PM - Ends: 6:00 PM
Epiphany Lutheran Church 8300 Deerlake West Tallahassee, Florida
Fundraiser for Chelsea Marie Lovelady
Please join us for a Prayer fest and concert in honor of Chelsea Marie Lovelady
When: Saturday, August 17, 2013
4 pm – 6 pm
Where: Epiphany Lutheran Church
8300 Deer lake West
Tallahassee, FL
Chelsea graduated from Chiles High School in 2011. She was accepted into Valencia College film school. Chelsea’s future as she planned it was all in front of her and ready for her to take on the world. Attend College, become a film director.
However, there were other plans for Chelsea that was beyond her knowledge or her family’s. Chelsea’s future was to be a leader but a leader in a way that is hard for us all to understand. Chelsea and her family were chosen to teach us all about faith, love and the importance of valuing every second of every day.
On March 24th of this year, Chelsea was in an automobile accident where she sustained severe brain trauma. Chelsea‘s family was told that she probably would not survive through the night. The doctor’s scientific diagnosis was very grim. Chelsea was in a coma on life support for several months in Melbourne, Florida. Her neuro-surgeon said “I don’t know how her story will end!” “I don’t know why they call us brain surgeons, we just take things out.” On May 14th still in coma, she was transferred from Melbourne to Shepherds Brain Injury Clinic in Atlanta Georgia. Several weeks after Chelsea was transferred to Shepherd’s, by the grace of God, hearing the many, many prayers, the miracle happened, she awoke from the coma.
Chelsea is still in Atlanta living with her mom where she attends daily therapy sessions to relearn daily tasks that you and I take for granted. She is still several months away from returning home.
Chelsea is uninsured and there are so many needs. As you can imagine the daily struggles that the family faces with having to run two households. Mom, Debi Lovelady has not been back to her home since the day she received the call and traveled from Tallahassee to Melbourne to be with Chelsea. Chelsea’s father, Chris Lovelady and two sisters Madelynn and Ginger Lee, who attend Chiles High School have continued to live in Tallahassee. Chris has taken on the stress of keeping their family business running that he and Debi managed together prior to the accident. Chris and the girls commute on the weekends to Atlanta to be together as a family.
There are so many needs now as well as in the future for Chelsea. When she comes home there may be a need for renovations to their home to make it functional for Chelsea.
Any support or help will be greatly appreciated.
Cindy McCray 8507662891

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