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Smokey Hollow Reunion /Unveiling of Commemorative Book & Guided Tours of Cascades Park

Event Dates and Times

9/27/2013 - Starts: 11:00 AM - Ends: 3:00 PM
John G. Riley Center/Museum, 419 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32309
The Riley Museum is dedicated to discovering and recovering the history of the Smokey Hollow Community in Cascades Park and will highlight primary sources of oral histories, photographs and memories from families who once called Smokey Hollow home. In honoring these families, the John G. Riley Center/Museum staff will unveil the Smokey Hollow Commemorative book and banners. In addition, the John G. Riley Center/ Museum will provide guided tours to Cascades park emphasizing the African American Community "Smokey Hollow" which Mr. Riley's House was a part of in its heyday. Make sure to go to the Fish Fry during the Reunion!
Marion McGee, 850-681-7881, info@rileymuseum.org

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