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Panhandle Archaeological Society at Tallahassee (PAST)

Event Dates and Times

10/1/2013 - Starts: 7:00 PM - Ends: 8:00 PM
PAST meetings are at the B. Calvin Jones Center for Archaeology at the Gov. Martin House, 1001 De Soto Park Dr., Tallahassee. De Soto Park Dr. is off Lafayette St. between Seminole Dr. and Myers Park Dr. Look for the PAST sign on Lafayette St. on the evening of the meeting.
Join us on Tuesday, October 1, 2013, at 7 P.M., as Grayal Farr presents “Paleolithic Cave Art.” He will explain some of what we know, or believe, about the anthropology of cave art. What are our preconceptions about them? How did features of caves themselves frequently dictate the subjects and locations of the compositions within them? Were particular caves and particular chambers within them selected and utilized in prehistoric multi-media productions? Were particular caves dedicated to the specific cultural and spiritual observances of tribes or clans or moieties?
Tom Baird, 850.671.3012