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Natural Solutions to ADD/ADHD

Event Dates and Times

6:15 pm
2418 Millcreek Ct Suite 3, Tallahassee, FL 32308
Have you experienced brain fog? Are you easily distracted? Do you struggle to focus and follow through on tasks? Do you find yourself making careless mistakes?

Would you like to do something about it? Join us for our next free community workshop! Tuesday October 15th at 6:15pm as Dr. Patrick Smith D.C. presents: Natural Solutions to ADD/ADHD !. You don't have to be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD to benefit from this workshop. Improved concentration and focus is something we can all appreciate! You'll be amazed to discover how many things in your household, diet, and lifestyle may be causing or contributing to ADD and ADHD like symptoms!
Call 850-325-6468 to reserve your seats today!

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