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La Epoca Unplugged Hits Tallahassee: Become One with the Music

Event Dates and Times

November 23, 2013
Studio D is holding a Mambo-Salsa Film & Musicality Seminar with Mr. Josue Joseph - Director of La Epoca and International Instructor - & son of Palladium Mambo legendary bassist, Alfonso El Panameno (bassist of Arsenio Rodriguez, Tito Puente, Johnny Pacheco, & Machito, Miguelito Vadez, collaborating often with Celia Cruz, and was the substitute bassist of Israel "Cachao" Lopez)! He is only holding two workshops in Florida.

Josue will be coming back to visit the US from his extended European Tour now going into its 3rd year. The seminar will be comprised of his award-winning films and world-class workshops. Take a look at the itinerary below:

2:30PM - Part I Re-Edited "La Epoca - The Palladium Era"
4:30PM - Musicality & Clave Workshop
6:00PM - Break

6:30PM - Part II Re-Edited "La Epoca - The Lost Rhythms in Salsa"
8:30PM -"Recognize-the-Rhythms" Workshop
finishing the last 30 minutes with Old-School Guaguanco Musicality-and-Styling
10:00 PM Social Dancing-3 am
(listen to the sounds of Tacomas Mas for a Descarga during the social)

Here are trailers of the films we will be watching
Part I Re-Edited

Part II Re-Edited

Both classes are about an hour to 1.5 hours long .. They go deep into the concepts of clave, the ups-&-downs of the music and rhythms of Mambo, Son-Montuno, Guaguanco, Guajira - helps dancers distinguish which is which, and what to do during each section of the songs including the high and low instruments in the music and how they correspond to the body.

Both movies include personal interviews with int'l performers & choreographers Eddie Torres (On2), Frankie Martinez (On2 & Afro-Latin Funk), Griselle Ponce (On2), Adolfo Indacochea (On2), Oliver Pineda (On2) and Johnny Vazquez (On1)!
1 Workshop $10
2 Workshops $15
Entire Seminar (Movie & Workshop) - $25
(those who participate in the entire seminar have the social included)
Social Only $10

RSVP TODAY!!! Please, extend the invitation to all instructors and social dancers alike!


Purchase tickets at https://laepocatally.eventbrite.com/
Miriam Watkins

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