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Date(s): 1/18/2014

8 a.m

Panhandle Pioneer Settlement 17869 NW Pioneer Settlement Rd Blountstown, FL 32424
The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement will be having a Blacksmithing Class. On Saturday, January 18, 2014, starting at 8 a.m. CST. If you enjoy hands on experience, this is the place to be. Come join us in the art of shaping heated iron and steel (forging) with hand tools such as hammers, tongs and chisels on an anvil. All will enjoy this experience at the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement at 17869 NW Pioneer Settlement Rd, Blountstown, Florida 32424.
This will be an all day event so pack your lunch. Required items: Gloves and Safety Glasses.
There are limited slots available so call or email now to reserve your slot. The cost of this class is a $45.00. A $25 deposit fee is required for your reservation which goes toward the cost of the class. For more information, call 674-2777; Or email: ppsmuseum@yahoo.com
Diane Watson
(850) 674-2777

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