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The Joys of Keeping Chickens

Event Dates and Times

11:00 am
Tallahassee Museum, 3945 Museum Dr., Tallahassee FL
Fee: $10
Preregistration required.
Registration Deadline: Wednesday March 5th, 12 pm
Register by February 11th and get one free registration per every registration.
**Note Class will close at 20 participants.
Come learn about all the joys of keeping your own chickens. Master Gardener and Living History Interpreter Judith Stricklin will share how easy and rewarding it is to raise your own backyard flock from chicks. Not only will she give you suggestions of how to build a predator-proof coop and how to care for your chickens, she will also share the benefits of having compost on hand, as well as a bounty of fresh eggs!
To register call 850-575-8684 ext 126

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