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Measles Initiative Banquet

Event Dates and Times

2/20/2014 - Starts: 6:00 PM - Ends: 6:30 PM
Capital Area Red Cross Chapter
The Measles Initiative was a program launched in 2001 through a partnership with the American Red Cross and United Nations organizations, like UNICEF and World Health Organization. Approximately 300 children die per day from measles-related complications despite having vaccinated over 700,000 children in least-developed nations from measles and rubella. This statistic is even more distressing when it costs only $1 to vaccinate one child. Therefore, we have an opportunity to vaccinate a large number of children in a short amount of time.

The Banquet will be held on February 20th at 6:00pm to support the goals of the Measles Initiative in educating and fundraising to provide vaccinations abroad. To achieve these goals, this year’s banquet will include both a Silent Auction of items from local businesses in Tallahassee and a captivating Bachelor Auction of local professionals, including firemen. Art Myers of WCTV’s Good Morning Show will be lending his talents and hosting the evening’s event. In addition, the Banquet will be catered by Marie Livingston and include special guest speakers. It is going to be a night to remember and a phenomenal opportunity to do a great deal of good in a short amount of time.

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