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TalTech Alliance's TechExpo

Event Dates and Times

5/8/2014 - Starts: 8:00 AM - Ends: 7:00 PM
555 W Pensacola St, Tallahassee, FL 32306
TechExpo 2014 “TE3: Entrepreneurship, Education, Enlightenment”, to be held on May 8th at the Florida State University Turnbull Center in Tallahasee, Florida. TechExpo is the only annual technology conference in Tallahassee dedicated to bringing the techie community new industry developments, time and money-saving techniques, and tools to optimize your organization’s productivity and profitability. This is your opportunity to network with other technology-based business leaders and interact with our knowledgeable speakers and exhibitors. Whether you are already a business leader, want to start your own business, or you’re in college; TechExpo 2014 will guide you through your journey to enlightenment with various tech-centered topics ranging from entrepreneurship to education. We encourage you to register early. Space is limited and a larger turnout than previous years is anticipated.
Amanda Kuff
Administrative Director
(850) 523-9626
and taltech.org