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Today’s Newsroom: Trends & Tips to Get Coverage

Event Dates and Times

6/19/2014 - Starts: 11:30 AM - Ends: 1:00 PM
FSU Alumni Center, 1030 West Tennessee Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304-7719
Join us for our next luncheon program on June 19 where Ernest Hooper, East Hillsborough bureau chief and columnist at the Tampa Bay Times, will share his knowledge about the media with an emphasis on how public relations professionals can better connect with news editors and TV producers in the age of instant news.

Don’t miss it!

RSVP at: http://fpra-capital.org/event/the-big-shift-how-instant-news-demand-is-changing-the-reporting-process/
Stefanie Stricklin, 681-3200, stefanie.stricklin@saltermitchell.com