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Women's Empowerment Explosion

Event Dates and Times

8/9/2014 - Starts: 8:30 AM - Ends: 12:00 PM
2365 Centerville Road Tallahassee, Florida 32308
Are you at the end of your rope, struggling internally to figure out which way to go? If you have allowed your frustrations to consume you, it is high time to allow them to fuel you forward into the specific purpose you have been destined to walk in!
Enough small talk, small living and small thinking! You are stronger than your struggle and now is the moment for you to take center stage and own it!
Calling all purpose driven female business owners, dreamers, leaders and entrepreneurs desperately seeking personal transformation who are ready to link arms with passion provokers at one of the most energizing and engaging events of the year!
Dr. Janee Mobley and Ms. Kristie Kennedy
Certified Professional Life Coaches for Influential, Innovative and Intelligent Women:
Invite you to
In your jammed packed experience with Dr. JaNee', Unveiling You Enterprises, LLC you'll learn:
•Simple strategies to shift from poverty to prosperity in life and business.
•The true, raw and uncut pursuit of destiny and how to overcome obstacles along the journey.
•How to lead an organization, industry, and business with purpose and passion that creates results.
The queen of motivation and massive momentum Kristie Kennedy of KKEE, LLC will fan your fire as you:
• Discover proven techniques and tools to build a brand from the ground up with zero start up.
• Understand the responsibility of entrepreneurial leadership before the big plunge into the unknown.
• Learn how to adapt quickly in an ever changing world and land on your feet, not your face.
Benefits: Collaboration, Activation and Motivation to live large as the head D.I.V.A. in charge!
Dress for Success and Nothing Less!
Kristie Kennedy, 850.576.2997