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Life After College Seminar

Feb 26, 2013 2-4:30pm

Florida A&M
Life After College RV Tour Stops at Florida A&M
Playing Grownup non-profit embarks on a nationwide seminar tour to equip seniors for the real world

TALLAHASSEE (Feb. 13, 2013) -- Playing Grownup non-profit is driving 10,000 miles around the country to over 20 campuses in an RV all while providing free life after college seminars. They are scheduled to be at Florida A&M University on February 26 from 2-4:30pm at the CC Cunningham Building. The session will include a $100 giveaway as well as product giveaway prizes including coffee and life after college books.

With graduation just around the corner, there is help on the way to equip students for life after college. Seminars cover various topics that college does not always prepare one for including:
• Understanding investment terms like 401k, stocks and bonds
• Signing up for health insurance and tax exemption forms
• Effective budgeting
• Maintaining college friends while making new connections

The 2-month RV tour does not stop long at any one place. Playing Grownup’s following destination is New Orleans before finishing the tour in May at the nation’s capital in Washington DC. To celebrate the conclusion of the trip, Playing Grownup will be giving away $5,000 in scholarships. All senior students who attend a Playing grownup in 2013 will be eligible to apply.

Playing Grownup was started by Justin and Amy Thomas to help the next generation of leaders graduate college and transition successfully to the real world.

“We offer practical advice from recent graduates to soon-to-be graduates to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible. We wanted to share with others that although life after college can be challenging it represents an incredibly exciting opportunity” co-founder Justin.
Justin Thomas, 919-407-9244