Selected Community Events


FSU Coastal & Marine Lab Lecture Series - Sarah Barrett (FWC), "Bears of the Forgotten Coast"

May 9, 2013 7 PM - 8 PM

FSU Coastal & Marine Lab Auditorium, 3618 Highway 98, St. Teresa, FL 32358
The coastline of Florida from Shell Point to Port St. Joe is known as Florida's Forgotten Coast. Nationally, this area is most well known for its quiet beaches and abundant seafood. For residents of the Forgotten Coast it is also known for a subpopulation of Florida black bears. Black bears are secretive animals that can live in close proximity to people without detection. But when bears have easy access to food attractants such as garbage, pet food, and bird feeders, bears will venture closer and more often into residential areas. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Sarah Barrett will present information to residents about bear biology and behavior and how to coexist with Florida's black bears.
Brittany Sims