Live Eye Truck FAQ

Why is it called “Live Eye”?
It is called live eye because it is our resource that allows us to bring live eyewitness accounts of news to our viewers. It is their “eye”, if you will, on the events making news in their community.

What does it do?
Our new state of the art truck can broadcast live signals via a microwave path and a satellite path. Microwave is more limited in scope while satellite is much more flexible in terms of where you can get a signal from.

Does it pick up satellite signals?
The truck can “downlink” or pick up satellite signals. There is a built in receiver that allows us to look in on what we are sending up to the satellite, or”bird” as it is known in the business, or what other stations are sending up as well.

What is a microwave transmission?
A microwave transmission is a broadcast frequency with limited range. Most of the time it is 60 miles or less, depending on the height of your mast antenna.

What is the range of the truck’s signal?
Microwave would be around 40 to 60 miles depending on the topography of the site and the number of trees and building in the path between the truck and a microwave receive station. (These are located on towers that we have access to.)

The satellite truck can get a signal up to the satellite thousands of miles in space from virtually anywhere in the United States.

What are some examples of the truck’s use?
We will be at events going on during newscasts.(like Daytona, festivals, planned news and sports events) We will be at breaking news events and community functions (parades, etc.)

What is the pole (mast) for? How high does it go?
The mast allows us to “shoot” the microwave signal over the top of trees and buildings. It is just used for the microwave portion of the truck and it goes up 52 feet. The mast is equipped with a camera that allows us to give viewers a bird’s eye view of events from 50 feet above.

How much did it cost?

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