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Matthew Straeb and Yvette DuBose of the Heart Gallery of Florida

March 28, 2017

Brittany's Wednesday Morning Weather: June 28, 2017

Meteorologist Brittany Bedi brings you your weather report for the morning of Wednesday, June 28.

What's Brewing? June 28, 2017

We're taking a look at your latest local and national headlines.

National Headlines With CBS News: June 28, 2017

CBS News' Hena Daniels has the latest on a massive global cyberattack on the Good Morning Show.

Labor dispute at Cellulose mill

Erin Lisch details the major vote on Wednesday at the Georgia Pacific Foley Cellulose mill.

City Commission meets on raised crime rate

Mariel Carbone details what was discussed in the City Commission meeting with the recent reports of a rise in the local crime rate.

Leon County schools in danger

Lanetra Bennett speaks with students and family members of students who attend Oak Ridge Elementary about it's D grade from the state.


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