South Georgia community still in shock one year after tragic quintuple murder

By: Alicia Turner
May 15, 2017

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WCTV) -- These days Ana Delacruz can't help staring at the empty lot across from her home.

"It’s something that we couldn't believe. It's something that you would see on the discovery channel that happened on cases and investigations,” Ana said.

Flashbacks of that Sunday morning, in May of 2015, now a constant reminder of what happened. Jeffrey Peacock is accused of shooting his five friends, and then setting the house on fire to cover it up. Ana says her mom believes she heard the gun shots, but her father thought someone was trying to break into their home. That was until her mom saw the flames.

“Me and my husband were sleeping in our room, and she came in yelling, saying that the house was on fire, and we rushed outside," Ana said.

Ana explained that it wasn’t just what happened that shook them all; but also the person arrested for the murders.

"We just came out and we saw the guy in the truck, and she said, it was him. We were just like how do you know? And she said his face."

That would be the face of Jeffrey Peacock. At first he was believed to be the lone survivor of a tragic incident. A story Ana said her mom never believed.

"It's just so tragic that people lost their lives in a senseless violent act. It was just one Sunday morning," James said.

A Sunday morning residents like Samuel James say they'll never forget

"It’s so tragic when any parent loses a child. I just can’t imagine,” James said.

A memorial now sitting in place of that home. Silver angels hanging in memory of the victims. Alicia Norman, Jordan Croft, Jonathan Edwards, Jones Pidcock and Reid Williams. Five lives, five families and an entire community impacted forever.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Peacock. He is set to appear in court this Friday for an arraignment.