Bainbridge looking for homes to burn down

By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness News
August 10, 2017

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WCTV) -- Bainbridge Public Safety is asking property owners who own vacant, dilapidated, abandoned or soon-to-be-demolished structures to allow local firefighters to use the structure for fire suppression training.

The structures will be used for the following exercises:

  • Breaching walls for entry/egress
  • Cutting holes in roofs for ventilation
  • Knocking out windows for fire suppression/ventilation tactics
  • Live fire training (used for suppression activities)
  • Arson investigation training techniques

    Bainbridge Public Safety says there are benefits for owners of the donated buildings, as well as a public benefit and a benefit to the firefighters.

    Anyone wishing to help the Bainbridge Public Safety Department with the use of their structure should contact Fire Chief Doyle Welch at (229) 248-2038 EXT. 313, or email him at