Colquitt County neighborhoods suffer severe storm damage

By: Noelani Mathews
January 3, 2017

COLQUITT CO., Ga. (WCTV) -- Around midnight, a storm ripped through several neighborhoods in Colquitt County.

After waiting out the rain, homeowners woke up to the devastating scene.

Old pine trees were uprooted, while crashing into power lines, vehicles, and homes.

A home on Walter Murphy Road started their tedious cleanup by covering more than a dozen holes on their roof with tarp.

They say one of the holes is right above the master bedroom, where a couple was sleeping when a tree came right through the ceiling above them.

"You look around and you would think you're not blessed, but we're actually very blessed because the only thing stopping that tree was the rafters and it stopped it from coming onto the bed with them," says Brian Gay, the homeowner's son.

Fallen trees claimed their family home, shed, barn, golf cart, and much more.

He says it will take thousands of dollars to cleanup the debris and damage.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, power was still out in the surrounding area.

They say Colquitt EMC has been repairing power lines since midnight when the storm hit their neighborhood.

Another home up the road on Sauls Road also saw similar damaging winds.

The house was nearly crushed in half when a tree fell over their bedrooms.

They say the ceiling began caving in above while still in bed.

"This whole community is devastated," says Dana Borrow, a Colquitt resident. "There's several houses around the neighborhood that's just as bad and luckily no one was hurt."

They say while everything was thrown around it sounded like a train, but then in seconds, the storm was gone.

"As a community, everybody came together to works as fast as we could to help everybody get trees off of houses last night," says Borrow.

Many people with similar damage say they weren't expecting such a bad storm.

They say it's a disheartening sight, but the most important thing is that everyone is safe.