Families visit 11th annual Mayhaw Festival in North Florida

By: Noelani Mathews
May 14, 2017

MONTICELLO, Ga. (WCTV) -- This weekend marks 11 years of celebrating local, farm fresh products at a North Florida ranch.

Several families in the big bend traveled to Monticello for Mother's Day to spend quality time together at the 11th annual Mayhaw Festival.

Tallahassee resident Vicky Bufano spent the day with her four kids at Golden Acres Ranch.

"Our kids love animals, love the goats, chickens, and the dogs, of course," says Bufano.

The family spent their Sunday learning about farming and feeding their rare Tennessee fainting goats.

"I think it's important to support your local farmers because yo know where your food is coming from and you also give back," says Bufano.

Christine Golden says the festival is named after the mayhaw berry.

Her family ranch grows them and makes them into a homemade jelly.

"It's just good for the soul to get out close to the land," says Golden.

The festival featured several local products and supports farmers across North Florida and South Georgia.

"They can see what the reality is for the products they get," says Golden, "All this stuff comes from the land and from hardworking people and that's where our stuff comes from."

She says Golden Acres has been a working ranch for the past 17 years.