Georgia troopers solve the case of abandoned puppies

Photo: Georgia Department of Public Safety
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By: CBS News | AP
March 15, 2017

ATLANTA -- A Georgia State Patrol trooper took three canine vagrants into custody -- and then he and a few of his colleagues adopted the abandoned puppies as their own.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety posted on its Facebook page Tuesday that trooper Jordan Ennis found three puppies while patrolling a southwest Atlanta subdivision on Monday. The post said Ennis was driving in the abandoned subdivision known as a dumping site for stolen cars when he spotted the puppies in a briar patch.

“He knew no one was coming for them, so he and his K-9, Tek, brought the puppies to Headquarters where they were all promptly adopted,” the post said. “A Trooper never knows what he may encounter on a shift, but a day with puppies is a good day.”