Thomas County Properties with Unpaid Taxes Go to Auction Tuesday

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Over 45 houses and properties in Thomas County are being put up for auction because theiir owners cannot afford them.

The houses have outstanding back taxes owed from 2008, but many owners also owe money from 2009.

Officials say they are unhappy to see so many properties going to auction.

Lt. Steven Jones of the Thomas Co. Sheriff's office says, "Sadly, some of these properties started out with less than $100 worth of taxes, if they were paid on time. Now that they've been going for 2 years, with the interest, and the penalties, and the fees added to them they are 2 and 3 times the original tax rate."

He added that "many property owners wait until the very last minute to pay off their taxes" -- the outstanding debts can be paid off until one hour before the auction starts.

To make a payment, call or visit the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

The auction will be Tuesday, September 7, at 11:30AM in the Thomasville Courthouse.