11 Churches Host 'Manna Drop' Food Bank

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-- Quitman, Ga. -- April 28, 2012 --

The event, called a Manna Drop, was hosted by eleven different churches. All of them are from Quitman. The food came from Second Harvest of South Georgia. But that wasn't the only form of help.

A local dentist, Larry Black, said "we were doing free oral screens, oral cancer screens. Just taking some time to look at people who might not normally be able to make it to the dentist."

One recipient of food, Debbie Lamons, said "we're so thankful for the help that we've recieved from these peoples today. And it will come in handy for me and my family."

Over 200 people were helped. The churches represented more than three different denominations. The name of the event comes from the bible. It says Manna was the food that fed the Israelites during their flight from Egypt.

Darrell Barron of the House of Deliverance Church said "we want to let the people know that we're here for them, we love them. And that we just want to bring this community together and let them know that god loves them."

Ray Copeland of the Overcoming Faith Family Church said "our goal is two fold. To meet spiritual needs and physical needs also."

Drucilla Lewis was working at the event. She said "I get a thrill out of helping people on it. And that's my philosophy, I just love to do it."