Mother Alleges 'Unfair Hiring Practices' in Decatur County Schools

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Bainbridge, GA -- 8/19/2011 ----

Sandra Gordon says her daughter, Shamoria Williams, wasn't hired to be a teacher, even after she was contractually bound to the position by receiving Kirbo Foundation scholarship money.

Williams was supposed to return to Decatur County schools and teach to pay back the money she received for college -- one year of employment for each year of assistance she'd received in college.

The Board contends there's simply no money to hire.

Gordon doesn't buy it.

She says, "[The Board isn't] honoring contracts, it's more of a buddy-buddy system: I hire your friend, I hire my friend, I hire my friend's child."

Board of Education Chairman Dr. Sydney Cochran disagrees, "Unfortunately, in the last year, or two or three years, we've not had many openings because of the crunch in our economy and budget."

Gordon says a school employee came to her home one evening to offer her daughter a job as a teaching assistant long after she applied for a teacher job.

The board says their policies were reviewed by the Department of Justice's Office of Civil Rights in Atlanta, and they were found to be compliant with equal hiring laws.

Cochran says about 16 Kirbo Scholarship-related jobs have been awarded over the years.

Williams has re-enrolled at Valdosta State University and plans to work on her Master's Degree in Education while she continues her search for a teaching position.

Gordon says she doesn't think her daughter will 'stand a chance' to find work in Decatur County after the attention her case has gotten.

WCTV will continue to follow this story as it unfolds.