New Lottery Debit Card Technology Slows Down Powerball Sales

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- November 27, 2012 --

The Powerball Jackpot is worth hundreds of millions. But over the last few days some folks have missed their chance to win. The reason: the machines had to download updates for a new lottery debit card. Which slowed down sales.

Chaudry Tarar is a Georgia Lottery retailer. He said "it's never happened before, but this time I think the new software was longer than usual so it take a long time."

That software is for the i-HOPE card which will be available in January 2013. It functions like a debit card allowing customers to transfer money from their bank account directly to their lottery card. The Georgia Lottery Corporation has released a statement saying "Georgia Lottery terminals statewide are showing normal transaction times and experiencing no network delays."

Meaning sales are back on track. Jera Brenton is a Valdosta resident. She said "I think the lottery is going to make a lot more money now that it's back up everybody's going to run out and get those tickets. I might have to go get me one now."

There are more than 8,000 stores that sell Powerball tickets in Georgia. In total 42 states, including Florida, participate in the Powerball Jackpot.

At last check the Powerball Jackpot is $500 million dollars. The next drawing will be held Wednesday the 28th at 11PM.