Sheriff's Deputy Killed In Car Crash

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Brinson resident Carla Ward says she was going about her daily routine at work Thursday morning when she heard about an accident a mile down the road on Brinson Airbase Road.

She says when she approached the scene she saw a white overturned on the side of the road, but when she looked closer she saw the word Sheriff on the side.

"Sheriff's cars just kept continuing to come with lights on and they'd get out and walk up there and look and find out he had passed away and then would walk away with tears in their eyes,"said Decatur County resident Carla Ward.

Troopers say 44 year old Decatur County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Griffin was on his way to an important call at about 9:30 Thursday morning when he lost control of his patrol car and collided with a tree.

Troopers say he was killed instantly.

"It is very tough...especially when it's someone you knew," said Georgia State Patrol Trooper John Jackson.

Jim Rentz says he grew up with Deputy Griffin and the two were close friends.

Rentz says his friend retired from the military before becoming a deputy and had taken up an interest in flying.

"I see him a couple times a week and I actually talked with him the other day...we are both pilots and we were talking about flying together...when it hits you, you don't know how to react...kinda in shock still," said Jim Rentz.

Troopers say responding to these scenes are hard enough, but it makes it especially difficult when you lose one of your own.

Friends say Robert Griffin was a wonderful friend and deputy and he will be missed.