Hilton to be Extradited to Florida

He tried to fight it, but the man accused of killing a Crawfordville Sunday school teacher is ordered back to Florida to face charges.
The extradition order for Gary Michael Hilton was issued by a Georgia judge Friday morning in connection with the murder of Cheryl Dunlap.
Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs and Leon County detectives had to come back to Tallahassee without their man.
Hilton was given the opportunity to fight his extradition. But Meggs says they'll be here waiting.
Gary Michael Hilton stumbles out of the van and is escorted into a Butts County, Georgia courtroom.
Representing himself, he tells the judge that he should not be forced to return to Florida for the 2007 murder of 46-year-old Cheryl Dunlap of Crawfordville.
Tallahassee resident Margaret Cooksey said, "While I know the family here, the Dunlap Family, would like to see him stand trial for the murder of their loved one, I think about how long it would take and the vast amount of dollars for the state to pay to try to prosecute him in Florida."
61-year-old Hilton is serving a life sentence in Georgia for killing 24-year-old Meredith Emerson while she was hiking in January.
Dunlap's body was found in Leon County December 15th in the Apalachicola National Forest.
Meggs said, "She was brutally, brutally murdered and we don't like that."
Friday morning, the Georgia judge ordered Hilton's extradition.
But not before the convicted killer complained about his constitutional rights being violated. "I haven't been able to make a phone call, one phone call. I can't make a phone call. How can I
procure counsel?" Said Hilton.
Tallahassee resident Dan Hodges said, "It really makes me disgusted. I understand the right for a prisoner to have his rights to a fair trial in court, but for this man I have no sympathy for. What about the rights of her family and all of her loved ones that have to go through this tragic event?"
Hilton has 30 days to file an appeal. He will stay in Georgia until that is settled.
Meggs says they're not sure if Hilton will appeal, but said, "we'll get him back."
The judge did remind Hilton that the State of Georgia is not obligated to give him a lawyer because an extradition hearing is a civil not criminal matter.

JACKSON, Ga. (AP) _ The confessed killer of a Georgia hiker will be extradited to Florida where he faces murder and kidnapping charges in another case.

A judge has cleared the way for Gary Hilton's extradition, ruling that all conditions for Hilton's extradition had been met.

He has 30 days to appeal. Department of Corrections officials aren't giving details about the transfer for security reasons.

Hilton is serving a life sentence in Georgia for killing hiker Meredith Emerson. The governors of Florida and Georgia have signed extradition orders in the case.

Hilton was indicted in February by a Florida grand jury on charges of murder and kidnapping in the death of a nurse, Cheryl Dunlap. Her body was found decapitated in a national forest.

Authorities say he's also a suspect in the deaths of a North Carolina couple.