Relay For Life Event In Thomas County

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The American Cancer Society kicked off it's annual Relay for Life event at the Thomas County Central football stadium around 6pm on Friday.

Both cancer survivors and caretakers from all over Southwest Georgia came together to walk, donate money and show support for those who've battled, beaten or lost their life to cancer.

"The purpose of Relay for Life is to make cancer awareness, make people in the community realize it is here we need to fight back, what can we do to help," said cancer survivor and Archbold Memorial Hospital Oncology Radiation Therapy Supervisor, Jean Smith.

"It's exciting because they've beaten cancer, I've beaten cancer and everybody else can," said 9 year old Savannah Colquitt who fought and beat cancer.

Savannah's inspiring story touched the hearts of hundreds of listeners who attended the event. Many said the special little girl is living proof that fighting the disease is battle well worth it.

"People are saying oh you're so brace and courageous and I like it, they say a lot of nice stuff. They're like I couldn't have done that, what you went through," said Savannah.

All the money raised at this year's event will go to cancer research in the Peach State.

The celebration and fun will continue until 7am Saturday morning.