Schools Penalyzed by NCAA

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ The NCAA's annual academic progress report
is out, and it says more than 700 teams fell short of the mandated
cut score.
Nearly 150 of them face possible scholarship losses next season
and 26 others are in danger of being banned from postseason play if
they don't improve next year.
Thirty-six teams were assessed two penalties and three schools
had more than one team make the list twice. The three are
Alabama-Birmingham in men's basketball, football and men's golf;
San Diego State in baseball and football; and San Jose State in
baseball and men's basketball.
Schools already facing a possible postseason ban include
football teams at San Jose State, Southern and Temple, and men's
basketball teams at New Mexico, Centenary and East Carolina.
Eighteen BCS teams were penalized, eight in men's and women's
basketball and two in football. Of those, only Kansas State,
Purdue, Southern California and Tennessee made the NCAA men's
basketball tournament. All four could lose up to two scholarships
next season if a player leaves school while academically
Also making the list were traditional powers like the LSU
baseball team and the Tennessee men's swimming team.

The list of Bowl Championship Series schools
and teams that appeared on the NCAA's academic progress report for
sub-par performances in the classroom. Schools must score 925 or
better to avoid sanctions.
(Listed by conference, school, sport, score and sanction).

North Carolina State _ wrestling (914), immediate penalty

Big East=
Seton Hall _ men's basketball (924), immediate penalty
West Virginia _ men's soccer (898), immediate penalty; wrestling
(905), immediate penalty; women's rowing (919), immediate penalty

Big Ten=
Purdue _ men's basketball (894), immediate penalty

Big 12=
Colorado _ men's basketball (873), warning letter
Kansas _ football (919), immediate penalty
Kansas State _ men's basketball (880), immediate penalty and
warning letter
Oklahoma State _ women's basketball (914), immediate penalty

Arizona _ men's indoor track and field (921), immediate penalty
Southern Cal _ men's basketball (863), immediate penalty and
warning letter
Washington State _ football (916), immediate penalty

LSU _ baseball (908), immediate penalty
South Carolina _ men's basketball (899), immediate penalty
Tennessee _ baseball (879), immediate penalty; men's basketball
(911), immediate penalty; men's swimming (920), immediate penalty

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