Water Restrictions Relaxed Throughout Peach State

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The water restriction order requiring 61 North Georgia counties to reduce water use by 10%, has now been lifted.

Water restrictions have also been downgraded in South and Central Georgia, where recent rainfall has helped improve the dry conditions.

But local agriculture specialists say it's still important to conserve and water the lawn during the coolest part of the day.

"Do what you can to conserve water use and the landscape and just be mindful of how much you're using and try to get the most out of it water smart," said R.J. Byrne, Thomas County Extension Agent for the University of Georgia.

Most Southwest Georgia counties have now been moved to Drought Response Level One.

This means odd numbered houses can water their lawns on Monday Wednesday and Saturday, except from 10am until 4pm.

Odd numbered houses can water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays except from 10am until 4pm

The classification of "exceptional drought" has also been lifted from the entire state.