Stiffer Punishment For Senior "Prank"

The uproar over the school suspension of 15 students heightens as additional consequences for a senior prank are added.
Many people thought two weeks suspension, no prom and no graduation was harsh, but now, the Taylor County seniors who broke into the school are about to face an even stiffer punishment.
The Taylor County school board has strengthened its case since the April 25th incident.
After what is being called a "senior prank" where the students broke into the school in the middle of the night, the students were suspended for ten days, banned from prom, and banned from the graduation ceremony.
Perry resident Ricky Norman said, "That was too harsh because prom is one big thing to seniors before they graduate. That's something they can remember whenever they leave the high school."
The school board held closed hearings with the students and parents over the past week.
Parents of some of the students tell Eyewitness News that their children are also banned from going on the senior trip to New York and banned from campus or any school property.
To show support for the 15 students, many community members have made T-shirts that say "Seniors 08" on the front, and on the back, the message says "Let Them Walk!"
The Perry Police report shows that the group of students got into the school through an open window and pulled the furniture out of the classrooms, scattered confetti, toilet paper and glitter around, and wrote on desks and walls.
Perry Resident David Palmer said, "They shouldn't be doing stuff like that because that's a bad influence for other students."
School Superintendent Oscar Howard says he cannot make any comments regarding the discipline of the 15 students because the hearings were closed door.
But the family members of some of the students say the students are remorseful for the prank, and the parents are still pleading to at least let the students attend their graduation.
Parents say because the students cannot go back onto the campus, they will have to finish their courses at Taylor Technical Institute.