County Officials Make Move To Conserve Fuel

Grady County has over 700 miles of roads. And when you work in the roads and bridges department..that's a lot of road to cover..especially with the high costs of fuel.

"You can't keep up with it, if we don't do something we're gonna get to a point where were gonna have to cut services or cut back..when you do that that means jobs lost..its just not a good situation right now,"said Yancey Maxwell, Grady County Roads & Bridges Superintendent.

That's why commissioners voted in favor of a new solution.

Now employees of the Roads and Bridges and Solid Waste departments have switched to working 10 hour workdays - four days a week.

Officials say eliminating work on Friday will cut back time spent traveling to and from work sites.

"When your running 3 to 4 dump trucks that's a considerable savings so you don't have to go clear across the county to finish , you can go ahead and complete it," said Yancey.

"Hopefully we''ll be able to show em were doing just as much work in the 4 -10 hour days and we'll continue until we see it's not working as long as it continues to work which we know it will," said Grady County Administrator Rusty Moye.

"With the price of gas being what it is I think these guys work out here and they're never ending they never miss a beat they keep my roads up looking good," said Grady County resident Ron Hicks.

Officials say in the end, this move will ensure taxpayers are getting their money's worth

Thomas County officials say they too are trying to conserve fuel and are urging workers to bring lunch to job sites, carpool when possible, and avoid unnecessary trips.