Nail Salon Safety

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After doing some research, we found that several nail salons in our area had been cited for cleanliness or for not having the proper licenses. Experts say there are ways to spot unsanitary practices before sitting down in the chair.

When we met Kimberly Tomberlin at a hair salon in downtown Valdosta, we asked her about her experiences, she said she doesn't go. Her friend came down with a serious infection and her nail fell off.
Kimberly says now, she won't take any chances.

"She had her nails done and caught a fungus under both of her fingernails and was on many many rounds of antibiotics and it took forever to get it cleaned," says Kimberly.

The Georgia Secretary of State's web site lists several nail salons in our area that have been cited.

Blazer nails in Valdosta was cited back in June for unsanitary practices, the store was ordered and paid a 500 dollar fine.

Lady Nails and Tan in Moultrie, Georgia was cited in October for having two unlicensed people working on customers. They were slapped with a thousand dollar fine.

Pro Nails in Nashville, Georgia was also cited 1,000 dollars for having two unlicensed employees. They paid a fine as well.

Modern Nails in Cairo, Georgia was cited for having a member of their staff work on a client without a license. This store forked out 50-dollars for the penalty.

Carol Jeter is the Cosmetology Program Director at Valdosta Technical College. She says unsanitary practices or unlicensed practitioners at nail salons are not something that should be taken lightly.

"You can get a lot of different things, hepatitis B, can be transferred by using dirty implements on your nails," says Jeter.

Jeter says once you're in a nail salon, look around at the walls, the licenses should be visible.

"It should be posted right there at their station, you should be able to see it, and make sure, the person sitting in the chair is the person on that license, that is VERY important," says Jeter.

We reached out to all four salons for comment, and have not heard back yet. We did speak with pro nails, and the owner had no comment.
Tune in tomorrow , and we'll tell you more ways to protect yourself and make sure your trip to the salon is an enjoyable one.