Deceased Informant's Arrest Records Released

The events that led to the tragic death of a 23-year-old Tallahassee woman are still raising questions.
Tallahassee Police say releasing Rachel Hoffman's arrest records Monday shows why she began working for investigators in the first place.
Tallahassee police have a stack of documents about a half an inch thick on everything they have on Rachel Hoffman, from her prior drug charges to police reports where she was the victim.
Tallahassee Police say on April 15th, a confidential informant told authorities that 23-year-old Rachel Hoffman was selling a large amount of drugs out of her Polos on Park apartment.
Two days later, a search warrant was executed.
Records show police found several drug-related items in Hoffman's apartment.
Tallahassee Resident Angelise Card said, "She was a college grad. It shows that when you're dealing with crime and drug issues, it has no respect of person. It crosses all boundaries. I think it's just unfortunate that she lost her life behind such a poor decision."
Hoffman became an informant after her arrest. But officers say she disobeyed instructions by meeting her accused killers 22-year-old Deneilo Bradshaw and 26-year-old Andrea Green Wednesday evening in Tallahassee.
Hoffman's body was found Friday morning in a rural area of Taylor County.
One of Hoffman's friends, Lindsey Billesbach, said, "She was just very spirited. She was a wonderful beautiful person. She was a beautiful girl. She just had a passion for living."
A report shows 25 items were found in her home during her arrest, including cannabis, plastic bags, pills, bongs and a ledger with eleven names and dollar figures--which police say is indicative of drug sales.
Tallahassee Resident Matt Denes said, "So much can be said about the drug world in general for such a young lady to be involved and to be so deeply in the drug world to have a drug house herself. For some unfortunate circumstances to play out for her to be killed just doesn't say very much at all about it."
Police released Hoffman's arrest records Monday along with additional reports filed with TPD.
Officer Dave McCranie with the Tallahassee Police Department said, "What it will do is establish four you the relationship and verify the facts that I've already provided you in terms of how Rachel became a confidential informant. That were complaints of drug activity at her home at 2626 East. Park Avenue."
The documents also show that Hoffman was in trouble in 2003 and in February 2007 for marijuana.
Police reports reveal Hoffman was the victim of a burglary. It happened at 2008 Escambia Drive in November 2006.
She was also a robbery victim last August.
Arrest Affidavits on Bradshaw and Green show they have an extensive criminal record dating back from last April. Several charges include possession of marijuana, driving without a license, and giving a false name to police.
Hoffman's funeral has been scheduled for 11 a.m.
Tuesday, May 13th at Temple Ahavat Shalom, 1575 Curlew Road in Palm Harbor. Friends and family members are invited.
Tallahassee Mayor John Marks told Eyewitness News late today he has been assured by police chief Dennis Jones that a complete and independent investigation will be conducted into Hoffman's death, and that there was no need for him now to personally call for such an investigation.