Nail Salon Safety Part Two

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Nail salons are places where women and men go to relax, unwind and get pampered. But after speaking with several experts, we learned the dangers that could be lurking within these salons, different forms of hepatitis, nail fungus etc.

Experts say these illnesses can be spread by un-sanitized nail equipment.

It's too simple, you throw away your implements that aren't reusable and sanitize, it's very simple," says Leigh Ingra of Valdosta Technical College.

Inside a nail salon, experts say tweezers, cuticle sticks, these should be soaked in a sanitizer. Take a look around and make sure that's being done, if you don’t know where to look, ask the manicurist, if he or she can’t show you, head for the door.

Carol Jeter, the program director of cosmetology at Valdosta Technical College, says there’s really no reason to have your cuticles cut.

"You don’t need to trim cuticles, God put those cuticles there for a reason and you don’t need to trim them, in fact, that just invites infection," says Jeter.

Longtime manicurist Nita Warner says it's as important for a manicurist to protect his or herself just as much as it is to protect the client.

"We have to have new files for every client, new sticks, new buffers, all of our implements have to be cleaned with soap and water. And then put in a hospital sanitizer," says Warner.

And what about the violations? Leigh Ingra says it’s not easy for a salon to receive a citation.

“The violations they give them, it’s gotta be pretty tough, somebody's turned them in or they have a reason for being in there and being violated," says Ingra.

Some medical web sites suggest taking a look at the floor, if it’s clean, that’s a sign the rest of the salon is.

And some experts say just bring your own tools, a nail kit. And that
may be the best way to prevent the spread of germs.