Attorney General Reviews Hoffman's Murder

Florida's Attorney General is now getting involved in the investigation of a woman who was killed while working as a Tallahassee Police informant.
Tallahassee's police chief and and city manager made the request for the Attorney General's Office to conduct a review. Officials say this is not an investigation, but a review of the events leading to 23-year-old Hoffman's murder.
Tallahassee Police maintain that they followed protocol when they used Tallahassee resident Rachel Hoffman as a confidential informant.
A drug operation she was helping police with ended in her murder.
Now, the Florida Office of the Attorney General will review the situation.
Tallahassee resident Dr. Ruth Russell said, "Sometimes when we're very close to a situation we don't see all of the angles that maybe someone with a fresh pair of eyes might see."
Hoffman became an informant after she was arrested April 17th on a variety of drug charges that included maintaining a drug house.
Police say during an operation, Hoffman strayed from the Forestmeadows Park area in Tallahassee against their instructions to meet Andrea Green and Deneilo Bradshaw May 5th.
Her body was found in Taylor County May 7th.
Tallahassee resident Elizabeth Heffington said, "We need to look at did she mess up or did somebody just get cagey and trick her or whatever? So we need to look at all ends and not just say oh, it's her fault right now. We need to wait and see."
A City of Tallahassee Spokesperson says the review will determine whether proper protocol was followed; and if not--why not? And if so, does it need to be changed?
Police Chief Dennis Jones and City Manager Anita Favors Thompson asked Attorney General Bill McCollum to help them find out.
Chief Jones said, "I don't anticipate that we did anything majorly out of the ordinary but I think that there's always room for improvement. That's why we do this."
Eyewitness News is told that an FSU group is having a police accountability march Wednesday, May 14th at 5:30 in honor of Rachel Hoffman at the old capitol.
Due to the multi-jurisdictional nature of this case, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is conducting an investigation.
An FDLE spokesperson says special agents have been assigned and all necessary resources are being committed to assure its successful resolution.