Scholarship Bill Signed Into Law

ATLANTA- The bill (HB 1133), was carried in the Senate by Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) during the 2008 legislative session. This law provides scholarships and grants for public school students to attend private schools. Individuals and corporations who donate to these scholarship funds will be eligible for personal income and corporate tax credits.

“With the signing of HB 1133 today that allows income tax credits for donations to newly created School Scholarship Organizations, Georgia continues to offer more educational choices for children regardless of income,” said Johnson. “Last year, Georgia began its first voucher program for children with special needs and created Charter School Systems. This year, we expanded the ability to create parent-run charter schools and established a $50,000,000 scholarship fund for children in public schools who want to attend a private school. Thousands of parents now have the opportunity to choose the best educational environment for their child – public, charter, private or home schooling. I applaud the legislature and the state’s leaders for trusting the parents to improve education in Georgia.”