Perdue Signs Gun Bill

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Hundreds of bills passed during this year's legislative session,but only the ones with Governor Sonny Perdue's signature will become law.

However, Perdue has waited up until the very last minute to address a bill that has sparked much controversy.

Wednesday the governor signed a bill allowing guns in restaurants that serve alcohol, on public transportation and in parks.

A number of groups had urged Perdue to veto the measure saying it could lead to increased violence.

And some residents say they agree.

"I think if this gun law is passed a lot more people will be reluctant to going into restaurants whether it be local people or out of town residents i think its going to effect the economy tremendously," said Thomasville resident Terry Sellers.

But the governor had more than just guns on his agenda..alcohol was also a hot topic.

The governor signed legislation that now allows Gwinnett County to sell beer on Sundays at its new baseball stadium.

Also, Georgians will now be allowed to buy wine over the Internet.

"If your gonna sell it to one sell it all..go statewide, according to county," said Georgia resident ErvIn Hobby.

In the peach state it is now easier to freeze your credit.

The governor signed legislation into law that will allow Georgians to freeze their credit reports to defeat identity theft.

There is a 3 dollar fee but for past victims and those over 65's free.

"With the cost of three dollars for someone like me that helps a lot for elderly people that really helps them with their fixed income...ain't too much they can do anyway," Rosetta Spradley.

Perdue is also expected to sign a 21 billion dollar state budget that will give 200,000 teachers and state employees a 2.5 percent pay raise and is expected to sign a bill allowing auto insurers to raise rates without state approval.