Future Cairo High School Principal Announced, But Past Still Remembered

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After nearly 30 years with the Grady County School System, Cairo High School Principal Tim Helms is heading north taking over as Assistant Superintendent for the Houston County school system.

"I know that I have been principal of the best high school in the state with the finest students the finest faculty and staff and I'm just very blessed and very fortunate to have had this opportunity in my career," said Tim Helms.

Helms has worked at the elementary, middle and high schools in Cairo, and at one point was even head football coach and athletic director.

Helms's wife is a guidance counselor at Washington Middle and both of his children graduated as Syrupmakers.

So needless to say the move is bittersweet.

"I know that things will continue to move on this school will rally around the next principal Mr. McCurry and Mr. McCurry and this school will move on to the next level," said Helms.

On Tuesday night, the Board of Education voted to make Assistant Principal David McCurry the new commander in chief at Cairo.

"There were several others who wanted to as well, lots of good applicants so to be the one chosen or considered for it to me is an honor it really is," said David McCurry.

The avid outdoors man who works with the schools Outdoor's Club says once in charge, he hopes to continue to improve on the school's academic success.

While Helms was in charge, the school's graduation rate rose from 60% to nearly 85%.

"With all the things that Mr. Helms has done since he's been here, they're big shoes to fill and to try and go above and beyond that's a lot of work involved but I do hope to continue that," said McCurry.

McCurry's own daughter graduates from Cairo High School on Friday and he says he couldn't be more proud to take over as leader of the Syrupmakers.

"I love Cairo it's a great community and from the day that my wife and daughter and I came here, they just bring you right in and that's why I fell in love with it. And because of that, having the opportunity to be principal of this high school just makes it more special because it's just such a good community here," David McCurry said.

McCurry will take the reigns sometime next month.