Law Enforcement Officials Discuss Lowndes County Jail After Commissioners Approve New Facility

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Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk says it's no secret, the Lowndes County Jail has had its share of problems. He says the new facility, which will be located on the jail property, will help to solve them.

"Attorneys trying to visit their clients, have very limited space right now. We're gonna have a lot more space there, that's going to speed up a lot of the interviews with clients. And the space, I mean, security," says Sheriff Paulk.

Paulk says now that the project has been approved by the commissioners, a ground breaking is expected sometime this summer. A contractor must be selected, once construction starts, the jail could go up within 16 months or so. Some residents say it's needed, but that other issues also need to be addressed.

"To provide treatment for them if they're mentally ill, and things that would prevent overcrowding to begin with," says Jay Gordon.

"I do think that there are programs for the homeless, programs for the persistently mentally ill," says Carol Rossiner.

"I'm a taxpayer, a large taxpayer here, and a jail is not a popular thing to build, but I mean, you've got a choice, do you want a murderer, a rapist, a child molester on the the street? They got to be incarcerated somewhere," adds Sheriff Paulk.

Paulk says the last addition to the jail was made back in the early 90's.
The Sheriff says he welcomes any suggestions to help with jail overcrowding.