Farmers Get Help With Local Organic Market

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If you want to buy local, all-natural, homegrown produce there aren't too many options in Southwest Georgia.

"Organics are not new to this area but they're not real big yet, it's right on the beginning of growing around here," said local farmer Jeanine Morton.

But if you head to downtown Thomasville on any given Thursday, these are just a few of the all-natural items you'll find at the Organic Market.

"There's not too often you can get, look at these eggs and the variety of carrots by going to a grocery store. I also know that they've just been picked and just been laid so that's why I'm here," said local Thomasville resident Joan Rounds.

Local farmers and businesses that specialize in organic products set up shop offering a variety of items at a reasonable price.

"Everyone benefits from it because organic is the best way to go. You know what you're getting when you buy organic, that it's high grade and when you meet the farmer that grows it it means so much more," said Downtown Thomasville Main Street coordinator Alison Wilson.

"It's a great opportunity for people to come get things that have just been picked this morning and their incredibly fresh the spinach is crunchy and everything's real fresh," said Jeanine Morton.]

"I ended up selling everything I had and it was really good it did a lot better than I thought it would," said farmer Edgar Roberts.

Main Street organization directors who sponsor the market say they hope it continues to grow and help the local economy.

"I hope it grows I hope we can come back every Thursday maybe it can grow into something a lot bigger," said Keith Taylor, local organic coffee maker.

The Downtown Thomasville Organic Market is held every Thursday from eleven until two.