CRCT Results "Shocking"

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8th grade math teacher Tabitha Spooner says students have spent years preparing for the CRCT tests.

But she says she was shocked when test scores were released

"They were quite devastating to all of us..50 percent of our students not meeting the necessary requirements by the state of Georgia..and it was a shock we had taught everything the state had asked us to teach," said Tabitha, who teaches at West Bainbridge Middle School.

According to Dr. Suzi Bonifay's unofficial survey of data collected from around the state, over half the 8th graders in Georgia did not pass their CRCT math test.

Bonifay says around 80 percent of the 6th and 7th grade students in the state failed their social studies tests.

"Teachers have been demoralized that's the best word i can come up with to describe whats happened, blown away, i guess if you want to say, students have been devastated, parents have cried," said Dr. Suzi Bonifay, Assistant Superintendent of Decatur County Schools.

But why the tears over a test? Bonifay says the state requires 8th graders to pass the math and reading portion of the test to move on to the next grade.

Since so many bright students failed, Decatur county school officials say they've come up with an alternative to summer school.

For the remainder of school, students are undergoing a math boot camp, where they spend 5 hours a day on math and will retest the first day of summer school.

But Bonifay says the problem is not with the teachers or the's with the tests.

Officials say they're waiting for answers from the Department of Education.