Thomasville Time Capsule Resurrected

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Former Chevrolet Dealership Owner Ralph Faulk, decided to bury a time capsule back in 1971.

Now 37 years later, the owners of what is currently Prestige Honda and Nissan decided it was time to dig the dated treasure out of the ground.

Friends, family, and even some who attended the original burial gathered at the digging sight in hopes of catching a glimpse inside the box.

"Ralph had been putting this together for a while, but he plated it on the day that we opened for business on the same day," said Leon Jones, who used to work for Faulk and attended the original burial.

"I'm sure this was part of something he was thinking about to let us know how things would change because they had changed a lot in his lifetime," said Ellen Herring, who's father buried the time capsule.

After about four hours of digging in several locations, they weren't able to locate the time capsule.

Owners says they'll research the old land plot graphs and vow to continue digging until the mystery box is found.