Georgia GOP Selects Delegates for National Convention

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COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) _ Georgia Republicans united behind likely GOP presidential nominee John McCain and fired up their faithful members at the party's annual convention.

Delegates were selected Saturday to represent the state at the national GOP convention in September, and a steady stream of elected officials who took the podium said the party needs to come home to its bedrock conservative issues from taxes and immigration to military might and gun rights.

U.S. Representative Lynn Westmoreland of Sharpsburg said, ``We've got some work to do. We've got some proving to do. The base didn't get lost. We got lost.''

Governor Perdue urged Republicans to avoid poll-driven ``gimmicks'' and suggested there was a damaging disconnect between party leaders in Washington and conservative states like Georgia.

Perdue said recent contests in the Bible Belt that have elected Democrats ``ought to be a warning around the South and around the United States.'' But, he later told reporters, ``I feel very good about Georgia.''

Democrats made gains in 2006 by winning control of the U.S. House and Senate, but Georgia bucked the trend by electing Republicans to a couple of statewide posts that had been held by Democrats.