New Horse Arena Could Be Coming To Our Area

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Former Lowndes County Chairman Fred Deloach has been breeding horses here for more than 50 years. He says with so many horses in the area, and not enough places to ride them, a new horse arena would certainly bring in revenue.

"I believe it's a good thing. We used to have a lot of shows out at the horse barn. We called it, the civic center, back after WW II. People would bring horses in here to shows as far away as Tennessee," says Deloach.

Lowndes County spokesperson Paige Dukes says the county has one million dollars from local sales tax funds for the project; it needs about two million dollars more.

"I think this is going to enhance our quality of life in that, it's going to give our citizens an opportunity to have somewhere locally that they can enjoy their horses with their family," says Dukes.

Officials say the proposed arena in Clyattville would include stalls, a place for horse shows and rodeos; several picnic areas and a pond. Some residents are asking the question, should the project money be spent elsewhere?

"If there's a school that needs work, if there's something that needs to be done first, then I think there is a sense of priority that needs to be brought to it," says Lowndes County resident Ardy Fentem.

If the project goes through, officials say the arena could be up and running within the next few years.
Officials say proceeds from Georgia's new equine license plate could help fund the project.