Daycare Foreclosure Leaves Some Jobless

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Kathy Strickland says for 23 years she's called Mother Goose Nursery and Pre-K her second home.

But last week Kathy, the current director, said she got some unexpected news.

She was told the business was being foreclosed upon..

"Its really heartbreaking..this is a place that my heart is at too and I've seen a lot of children come and go," said Kathy Strickland, Director at Mother Goose Nursery and Pre-K.

"It was devastating to us..shocking news because this whole time we've been told everything is taken care of," said Pre-K teacher Julia Manley.

This means Kathy and 13 others are left without a job.

But she says her biggest concern is the kids.

So far most of the 70 children have been placed at another day care in town.

But, Kathy says Mother Goose is the only day care in Bainbridge with Pre-K.

She says those children will be put on a waiting list according to school zone.

"Its heartbreaking especially the education the past owner pushed here and she built this up to what it was and the education was very important and she worked very hard to get this Pre-K and its over for her," said Kathy.

Kathy says she has not been given much information about why the business is closing and the owner of the business said she had no comment. But, its apparent the years of priceless memories will never be forgotten.

The property is scheduled to close on May 23rd and it is slated for a foreclosure auction on June 4th.