Georgia 100 Days Of Heat Campaign

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Several years ago, Patricia Tooley's friend was hit by a drunk driver. She says since, her friend has recovered, but that the accident didn't have to happen in the first place.

"I think if there was more patrols in the area during the holidays, I think it could have been prevented," says Tooley.

Lowndes County Sheriff's Office Captain J.D. Yeager says more patrols will be out this summer waiting for drivers who break the rules.

The county is taking part in the state's 100 days of summer heat campaign. It's an effort by the state to prevent accidents between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July when so many people are hitting the highways.

"With the increase of holiday traffic, holiday travelers coming through, the interstate running through here. We've got 31 miles of Interstate. We will see an increase in DUI arrests and in traffic accidents," says Yeager.

Yeager says it's unfortunate, but that this time of year the number of fatal dui crashes goes up.

"I believe they should be taken off the street, should be taken off the street. Too many times, I believe they're license should be taken from them," says Charles Jones.

Reports say that all Georgia counties are expected to participate in this safety program.