Stress Management Helps Save Lives

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That's why Southwest Georgia Technical College offered a free Stress Management Workshop Wednesday.

Professionals say stress is linked to emotional and physical ailments like headaches, heart conditions, and even cancer.

"The type of cancer I have, the doctors of research feel like it's brought on by stress and environmental factors but especially stress," said Thomasville resident Nancy Dollar.

"Stress is one of those things that if you don't learn how to handle it can ultimately lead to some other problems, of course the worst is cardiovascular problems which can if it's not taken care of can ultimately kill you," said Psychology instructor Don Crews.

Crews says workplace stress is on the rise and that it's estimated that stress is the underlying factor in 75-90% of all physician visits.

Instructors say learning how to manage and reduce stress can help improve ones quality of life. It can also help save companies billions of dollars in health care costs.

Some of the symptoms of stress are anxiety, irritability, forgetfulness, insomnia, physical exhaustion, and argumentativeness. These symptoms can cost companies billions of dollars each year in absenteeism, accidents, personnel turnover, and various interpersonal relationship problems.

And while there are stresses that are unavoidable, the workshop offered tips and techniques on how to manage daily stresses.

Some of the suggestions are taking mini breaks, vacations, developing enjoyable hobbies, and most importantly exercising.

Professionals say if you feel like you're becoming depressed, always seek professional help.