Update: Elderly Man Missing For More Than Week

Taylor County Sheriff's investigators say 81-year-old Robert Fremont is still missing but say they continue to follow leads. Fremont was scheduled to be in New York during the Memorial Day weekend.
Fremont is 5'5", 180lbs. He was last seen May 13th in Perry.


The grief and worry continues for family members of an 81-year old Taylor County man, who's been missing since last Tuesday.

Investigators are also running out of leads in their search for the former New York judge.

Daphine Shotton says she wasn't aware that her neighbor in Leisure Retreats in Taylor County is missing. 81-year-old Robert Fremont was last seen May 13th.

Shotton said, "It's kind of scary when somebody goes missing. But maybe he'll show up soon. I hope so."

Fremont's family members--who all live up north--say Fremont would never wander off and that it's unusual for him not to have been spotted at his usual hangouts. One of those hangouts is the Beach Bar.

Chris Borklund is a bartender there. She said, "He was well liked. He came in, he would play cards here with us. He'd come in and we even had him singing karaoke."

Borklund says the last time she saw Fremont at the bar was the Friday before he went missing.

Authorities say the last time he was seen, he was wearing blue jeans, a blue and white striped short sleeved shirt and brown boots.

Taylor County Sheriff's Investigator Ray Kellerman says Fremont's girlfriend dropped him off on Hampton Springs Avenue between CVS Pharmacy and Calhoun's Saloon.

Borklund said, "We've all missed him. We'd like to find him. We hope everything is safe with him."

Investigator Kellerman says they've checked surveillance at CVS and all local bars, but there's no sign of Fremont.

Kellerman says there is no evidence to prove foul play. Authorities say one tip led them to Live Oak, but that didn't pan out.

If you have any information on Robert Fremont's whereabouts, call the Taylor County Sheriff's Office at (850) 584-4225.